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John Benward Company, Inc., is a Class A general engineering contractor firm providing all forms of site preparation for construction projects in the San Francisco North Bay Area. Founded in 1979 by John R. Benward, we are well-known for our standards of excellence in grading, excavation, underground construction, paving, waterworks, sanitary facilities and utility installation for a wide variety of commercial, public works and private customers primarily in Sonoma, Napa, Northern Marin and Solano Counties.

Our company maintains the highest level of construction quality through the use of a very hands-on approach within a managed-growth client base comprised of wine-industry facilities, industrial buildings, schools, public parks and private residential projects. Additional representative projects include creek and stream bank restoration, ponds, bridges, vineyards, bike paths, water system improvement projects, water storage tanks and numerous underground utility projects for water, storm, drain, sewer, electrical and gas services.

To complete all phases of construction site development, we currently employ 80 people including an office staff of 10. Our operations include:

  • Grading and earth moving
  • A fleet of all types of heavy trucks
  • Pipeline and underground construction
  • Paving, grinding and recycling

In 2006, we actively began our campaign to become a premier "green" construction company. Through our Resource Management Program, since 2006, we have increased our efforts by more than 50% in the areas of material removal and reuse, recycling, equipment retrofitting and alternate fuel resource use. As a result, more than 90% of our current projects incorporate some aspect of our Resource Management Program. Incorporated in 1998, Benward Company is an equal opportunity employer and we are committed to standards of excellence in all of our construction projects.