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Employment Opportunities, Safety Policies and Community Commitment

Employment Opportunities

Benward Company is an equal opportunity employer. On average, our employees have been with us more than four years. We have initiated a 401K plan wherein we match employee contributions. As part of our managed growth rate, we offer a caring, vital workplace environment.

For information on employment opportunities at Benward Company, please contact us at 707-996-7809. You can also download our application and fax it into our offices at 707-996-2028.

Safety Policies

For all of our job sites, Benward maintains the highest level of safety standards for our employees, equipment usage and appurtenant construction site areas.

Community Commitment

Along with our proactive employee programs, we are actively participating in community efforts. We are contributing funds and support for a variety of community-sponsored events such as Relay for Life and Sonoma Valley Mentoring Alliance. We are proud to be a part of Sonoma County and we will continue to expand our efforts in these areas.